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We're global innovators and like to achieve outstanding, measurable outcomes for our clients
and their employees. Our award-winning work sets us apart from the crowd, but don’t just
take our word for it... see for yourself.

Meet The Team

We're a friendly bunch, great to work with and importantly our clients think so too.

  • Angela Haynes

    Angela Haynes
    PA to the CEO and Chairman

  • Daniel Barrow

    Daniel Barrow
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Tim Jonas

    Tim Jonas
    Senior Web Consultant

  • Patrick Sanderson

    Patrick Sanderson
    Web Consultant

  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Maggie Pitts

    Maggie Pitts
    Accounts Administrator

  • Martin Davies

    Martin Davies
    Senior Web Designer

  • James Vernon

    James Vernon
    Junior Systems Administrator

  • Lorrie Charles

    Lorrie Charles
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones
    Lead Consultant - Client Services

  • Thomas Reeh

    Thomas Reeh
    Principal Consultant - Australia

  • Gavin Jessop

    Gavin Jessop
    Senior Designer - Creative

  • Paul Brennan

    Paul Brennan
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Kobby Gamzo-Letova

    Kobby Gamzo-Letova
    Head of I.T

  • Diana Dukich

    Diana Dukich
    Lead Strategic Communications Consultant - USA

  • Julie Midgley

    Julie Midgley
    Communities Administrator

  • Darryl Pinto

    Darryl Pinto
    Web Developer

  • Amy Wiggins

    Amy Wiggins
    Digital Project Manager

  • Liseanne Miller

    Liseanne Miller
    Creative Designer - Creative

  • Dianne Lumb

    Dianne Lumb
    Training and Productivity Coordinator

  • Emma Nicholls

    Emma Nicholls
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Joanne Priestley

    Joanne Priestley
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Emma Pytches

    Emma Pytches
    Digital Project Manager

  • Suzanne Toft

    Suzanne Toft
    Senior Artworker - Creative

  • Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis
    Lead Consultant - Training and Productivity

  • Dan Slatford

    Dan Slatford
    Senior Unix/Linux Systems Administrator

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams
    Maths and Ideas Guy

  • Alison Beckwith

    Alison Beckwith
    Lead Consultant - Client Services

  • Amanda Reynolds

    Amanda Reynolds
    Communities Administrator

  • Ruth Januchowska

    Ruth Januchowska
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Julie Powell

    Julie Powell
    HR Manager

  • Trevor Posliff

    Trevor Posliff
    Head of Finance and Legal

  • Donna Phillips

    Donna Phillips

  • Laura Johnson

    Laura Johnson
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Leanne Taylor

    Leanne Taylor
    Lead Designer - Creative

  • Jane Snowden

    Jane Snowden
    Head of Operations and Productivity

  • Piotr Murach

    Piotr Murach
    Senior Web Developer

  • Karen Partridge

    Karen Partridge
    Head of Client Services - UK and Australia

  • Gavin Brearley

    Gavin Brearley
    Senior Designer - Creative

  • Leanne Hadfield

    Leanne Hadfield
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Sam Charles

    Sam Charles
    Head of Web Consulting and Development

  • Ben Ibbotson

    Ben Ibbotson
    Motion Graphics Artist

  • Vicki Smith

    Vicki Smith
    Consultant – Client Services

  • Tony Hodges

    Tony Hodges

  • Wing Lee

    Wing Lee
    Web Developer

  • John Laycock

    John Laycock
    Estate Manager

  • Tony Green

    Tony Green
    Senior UX Designer

  • Karen Bolan

    Karen Bolan
    Head of Engagement

  • Karen Holmes

    Karen Holmes
    Accounts Administrator

  • Vivienne Hodges

    Vivienne Hodges


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