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Insights – an AHC Podcast

4th October 2019

Welcome to Insights, a series of podcasts in which AHC’s Communities Manager, Tim Coleman, speaks to pensions experts about some of the industry’s hottest topics.

In this third edition, Tim speaks to Iain Clacher, an Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance and Pro Dean International at Leeds University Business School, about the implications of AI and Fintech on the future of the pensions industry.

Iain is an expert on pensions and retirement saving and his work covers retirement decision making, pension fund investment, infrastructure investing, sustainable pension systems, trustee governance, and fund management costs and fees. He is also the Director of the Centre for Financial Technology and Innovation.

Iain’s research and expertise has had a significant impact across a number of fields and has been used to advise a range of businesses, policy makers, and organisations including, The CERN Pension Fund, The City of London Corporation, The ONS, Aon, Zyen, The Work Foundation, and The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association. Iain was also the expert advisor on the qualitative analysis of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Retirement Outcomes Review and a member of the Institutional Disclosure Working Group of the Financial Conduct Authority, which established a framework for asset management cost and fee disclosures in pensions.

Current projects include, work with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries examining trustee decision making; he is the lead researcher on a project with the Association of Member Nominated Trustees, the UK Sustainable Finance Initiative, and the UN Principles for Responsible examining split voting in pooled funds; and is lead researcher on the economic impact of block chain technology in farming supply chains in developing markets for the World Bank.

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