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Insights – an AHC Podcast

12th August 2014

Welcome to Insights, a series of podcasts in which AHC’s Communities Manager, Tim Coleman, speaks to pensions experts about some of the industry’s hottest topics.

In this first edition, Tim speaks with Lesley Carline, President of the Pensions Management Institute (PMI).

Lesley joined KGC Associates in 2012 after working for several providers including pensions systems, services and investment management, meaning she has a deeply holistic understanding of the industry.

In her current role as President of the PMI, Lesley serves on the Advisory Council and its Board. She is also the Chair of the Policy & Public Affairs Committee, the Master Trust Special Interest Group, and the Pensions & Retirement Income Sector Group.

Lesley holds a Masters in Economic and Social History and is also a Chartered Marketeer. When not working, Lesley likes to spend time with her two dogs and developing her baking skills, although bread remains a challenge!

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