All change signals a new approach to employee engagement

In preparation for the onset of auto-enrolment, Arla made changes to its pension schemes. With DC for all employees for the future on offer, complete transparency around what the changes really meant for members was central as they consulted on closing the two remaining DB arrangements to future accrual.

Arla recognised that good communication would be central to the successful delivery of both the changes and the auto-enrolment that followed.

Versatile technology

The aim was to provide a central hub for members to access all the information they needed. The microsite used in the changes consultation was re-purposed to deliver tools to help guide employee’s auto-enrolment decisions, driving them to more active and informed choices in their retirement planning.


Campaign approach

Arla recognised that auto-enrolment provided them with an opportunity to increase understanding and appreciation of pensions amongst employees. A campaign approach directed employees to the microsite, allowing a ‘one stop shop’ for employee pension information and a gateway to their personal information held by L&G.

AHC came up with some great design concepts. The posters were well thought through, and really stood out on site; they became a great talking point with employees which meant that members were engaged early on. The communications were clear and well-written and the website was a ‘one-stop’ area containing vital information. The result was a much lower opt out rate than we had expected!

John Phillips – Pension Schemes Manager, Arla UK

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