A fresh mobile approach for 100,000 members

When Club Plus Super, an Australian industry fund, wanted a fresh approach to their public website, they turned to AHC – 10,000 miles away!

Club Plus are a great example of a super fund looking to support their members on their journey to retirement by staying attentive to their needs and following the latest communication trends.

AHC’s experience at working with international clients means geographical location is never a problem. We use a variety of online collaboration tools that allowed the project teams at AHC and Club Plus Super to work together seamlessly throughout the development on the website.

Built using Content Management System (CMS) software, the ongoing day-to-day changes are easily managed by Club Plus in-house.

Versatile technology

To ensure maximum usability, AHC developed a standalone mobile version of the website as well as a dynamic desktop version, optimised for tablet devices.

Visit Club Plus Super (mobile version)

The website also features a modeller selected from AHC’s Lifetime suite of off-the-shelf products. The modeller uses clear graphics, intuitive inputs and produces instant calculations to help members model their financial future and understand the relationship between savings, balance at retirement and retirement income.

Visit the Super Modeller



In addition, Club Plus Super purchased a second Lifetime product – the Small Change, Big Savings modeller. This highly intuitive modeller responds perfectly in mobile format allowing members to model their future at their convenience. This fun and simple-to-use calculator helps members see how reducing their spending today (on everyday items such as a glass of wine or coffee) and adding those savings to their retirement pot could equal significant savings in retirement.

Services Used

Strategy development
Website development and build
Script writing
Lifetime products

We really appreciate the work the team has done and are really excited about having this all live and continuing to work with AHC on the next steps of our digital development in future.

Kind words from Club Plus

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