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The trustee of the LV= Pension Plan wanted to challenge the reputation that pensions are boring by creating a fresh way to engage employees with their pensions. The result was the development of a fun and surprising ‘pensions village’ brand, used throughout all new-look communications.

The banner on the website provides interactive navigation – users can visit different shops, such as the video store, and even switch building lights on and off! The modern branding generated a renewed interest in pensions from members.

An innovative pension modeller, which steers away from typical graph-led screens by using a weather forecast instead, allows members to see how various scenarios could impact their pension in retirement and the cost of membership. The modeller forecasts a sunny or stormy future by comparing the user’s target pension to their actual projection.

Model The Future

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Users can also view a comprehensive video guide to help
them make the most of the tool.

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In addition, two other modellers are available on the website. A cost of delay modeller shows employees how much they could miss out on by not joining the plan and how much more they would need to save later in order to reach the same pension figure in retirement. A small change calculator shows how giving up a chocolate bar or cup of coffee and saving the money instead can result in significant savings for retirement.


Services Used

Strategy development
Modelling tools
Educational videos
Script writing


Increase in website visits

LV= iPad


Objective: To encourage members to take advantage of the generous contributions double matching.
Result: In Q1 of 2013, 19% of members contributed 7% or more (the highest double-matched contribution). This increased to 25% in Q3.

Objective: To drive appreciation of the value of the pension benefit and overcome member inertia.
Result: The number of people using the Plan website increased from around 100 people in Q1 of 2013 to 1,982 people in Q3.

When we work with AHC, it is absolutely fantastic. The people here are able to understand exactly what we need. AHC are able to get underneath what the Company is representing and understand the needs of the Trustees. AHC work with our team extremely well and any response I receive is always top class. The videos always hit the mark and really help to get the message across. Full marks to AHC, they are professional, great to work with and always come up with the goods!

Mike Acred, Pensions Manager for LV=

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