Meet The Team

  • Paula Littleboy

    Paula Littleboy
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Thomas Reeh

    Thomas Reeh
    Principal Consultant - Australia

  • Tony Green

    Tony Green
    Senior UX Designer

  • Vivienne Hodges

    Vivienne Hodges

  • Darryl Pinto

    Darryl Pinto
    Web Developer

  • Linda Painter

    Linda Painter
    Head of Client Services - UK and Europe

  • Gavin Jessop

    Gavin Jessop
    Senior Designer - Creative

  • Ruth Januchowska

    Ruth Januchowska
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Lyndsay Perkins

    Lyndsay Perkins
    Head of Client Services - UK and USA

  • Trevor Posliff

    Trevor Posliff
    Head of Finance and Legal

  • Dan Slatford

    Dan Slatford
    Senior Unix/Linux Systems Administrator

  • Julie Midgley

    Julie Midgley
    Communities Administrator

  • Patrick Sanderson

    Patrick Sanderson
    Web Consultant

  • Amy Wiggins

    Amy Wiggins
    Digital Project Manager

  • Leanne Taylor

    Leanne Taylor
    Lead Designer - Creative

  • John Laycock

    John Laycock
    Estate Manager

  • Kobby Gamzo-Letova

    Kobby Gamzo-Letova
    Head of I.T

  • Tony Hodges

    Tony Hodges

  • Laura Johnson

    Laura Johnson
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Leanne Hadfield

    Leanne Hadfield
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Ben Ibbotson

    Ben Ibbotson
    Motion Graphics Artist

  • Daniel Barrow

    Daniel Barrow
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams
    Maths and Ideas Guy

  • Martin Davies

    Martin Davies
    Senior Web Designer

  • Sam Charles

    Sam Charles
    Head of Web Consulting and Development

  • Alison Beckwith

    Alison Beckwith
    Lead Consultant - Client Services

  • Suzanne Toft

    Suzanne Toft
    Senior Artworker - Creative

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Joanne Priestley

    Joanne Priestley
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Karen Holmes

    Karen Holmes
    Accounts Administrator

  • Paul Brennan

    Paul Brennan
    Lead Web Consultant

  • Lorrie Charles

    Lorrie Charles
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Jane Snowden

    Jane Snowden
    Head of Operations and Productivity

  • Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones
    Lead Consultant - Client Services

  • Diana Dukich

    Diana Dukich
    Lead Strategic Communications Consultant - USA

  • James Vernon

    James Vernon
    Junior Systems Administrator

  • Donna Phillips

    Donna Phillips

  • Emma Nicholls

    Emma Nicholls
    Senior Consultant - Client Services

  • Maggie Pitts

    Maggie Pitts
    Accounts Administrator

  • Vicki Smith

    Vicki Smith
    Consultant – Client Services

  • Wing Lee

    Wing Lee
    Web Developer

  • Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis
    Lead Consultant - Training and Productivity

  • Julie Powell

    Julie Powell
    HR Manager

  • Paul Crick

    Paul Crick
    Consultant - Client Services

  • Amanda Reynolds

    Amanda Reynolds
    Communities Administrator

  • Gavin Brearley

    Gavin Brearley
    Senior Designer - Creative

  • Piotr Murach

    Piotr Murach
    Senior Web Developer

  • Angela Haynes

    Angela Haynes
    PA to the CEO and Chairman

  • Matthew Rollinson

    Matthew Rollinson
    Web Consultant

  • Tim Jonas

    Tim Jonas
    Senior Web Consultant

  • Martin East

    Martin East
    Head of Creative

  • Karen Partridge

    Karen Partridge
    Head of Client Services - UK and Australia

  • Emma Pytches

    Emma Pytches
    Digital Project Manager

  • Dianne Lumb

    Dianne Lumb
    Training and Productivity Coordinator

  • Liseanne Miller

    Liseanne Miller
    Creative Designer - Creative

  • Karen Bolan

    Karen Bolan
    Head of Engagement

About AHC

We have something pretty special at AHC. Clients both old and new say they can feel it as soon as they walk through the door. There’s a palpable buzz, not often felt within the employee benefits industry.

We’re very much a people business. Our success is built on our people, how we work together as a team and in partnership with our clients. Regardless of role, everyone in the business is dedicated to delivering brilliant work to our clients and making a real difference to the lives people lead.

Our Culture

Culture is a very important ingredient in our success. As soon as you visit, you’ll realise that we’re a friendly and informal bunch. We’re serious about what we do, but we want to enjoy doing it. We help each other and we’re supportive. No matter what your role is, people are encouraged to show initiative and share ideas.

Our Values

Set by our Chairman, Tony Hodges, right at the start, there are just three and they are woven through everything we do. Integrity, Partnership and Understanding.

Our Clients

Our clients like working with us. We know this because they keep coming back. But this never makes us complacent – it makes us try even harder to deliver a better project next time.

Want to join the team?

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There's always a buzz at AHC!